PC Information Gathered

Carrion Hill Info

  1. Layered on top of centuries (millennia?) of previous incarnations of the town
  2. Trades mostly in Middenstone, produced in the town quarter known as The Filthsource
  3. Shops are closed, streets are mostly deserted, mayor trying to prevent panic

‘Carrion Hill Monster’ Info

  1. It’s huge, invisible, and strong enough to destroy a building – source
  2. It either smashes its victims with brute force, or sucks their blood
  3. It leaves a black trail of sticky, stinky goo in its wake
  4. It sometimes leaves a spiral mark as a calling card, written in the blood of its victims
  5. Has struck at least four buildings so far – source
  6. Dark folk are terrified of it

Body Count

  • Slipper Market – 2 homeless thugs (crushed to death)
  • Slipper Market – 1+ Crows (1 twisted to death, others missing)
  • Sunless Grove – 2 ‘Keepers of the Oldest’ (blood drained)

Keepers of the Oldest
Summoners(?) seeking to ‘prevail over the scourge of simplistic thought and lesser men.’
From readings and tidbits of other information the “Keepers of the Oldest” seem to have been hoping to use the ritual described in the Pnakotic manuscripts to try to open a portal in the Sunless Grove to contact a “spawn of the Dark Tapestry” and in doing so further enhance their knowledge of forbidden magic and arcane secrets.
Appear to have summoned an extraplanar being in the Sunless Grove, beneath Carrion Hill. Two appear to have been killed by the monster – source.

Glem Baskerwel – a druid and fits the description of a corpse in the sunless grove. The corpse was killed with horrifying strength.
Waldur Crove – could be the ringleader (mostly his markings on the Pnakoptic Manuscripts). Runs the asylum in Carrion Hill
Arlend Hyve – May be the sage Arlend Hyve who lives out of an abandoned church of Aroden on Elm way down in the southern slopes of the tangles. Reputedly an authority on regional history and lore.
Sulm Marshan – likely dead. A ‘googly eyed’ corpse matching his description also found in the sunless grove. This corpse was also killed by a terrifyingly strong creature.
Rupman Myre – A middenstone baron, encounter at his vats by the party and killed. When encountered was in the presence of a trading colleague a one ‘Lord Pompentine’ from Magnimar. According to Pompentine he was drunk, highly distressed and suspecting the creature was coming to get him. Was being investigated for crimes of illegal necromancy.
Keeper Waldur Crove – and may be the ringleader to the keepers.

1. A ‘Keeper of the Oldest’
2. Missing, presumed dead. House in Slipper Market destroyed by the monster
3. Secretive. Not particularly well-liked. All visitors came and went at night – source
4. Library stacked with books about astronomy, history of Carrion Hill, cults, and the Great Old Ones – source

Pnakoptic Manuscripts

  1. Recovered from the Sunless Grove
  2. Deals with summoning and binding extraplanar beings
  3. Coveted by Yarresh, the ghoul (dead)

Other Misc Info

  • Garus, Commander of the Crows, is missing – source
  • Tarrig, the cobbler, is most likely addicted to flayleafsource
  • The Sunless Grove is unsecured against the Darklands – source
  • Abelis Fleick and Sheila Heidmarch suspect Vanderales Pompentine has fallen in league with cultists of The Great Old Ones
  • Mayor Heggry knows nothing of Lord Pomp, but suggests he might’ve been trading for Middenstone – source
  • Vanderales Pompentine – Confirmed as middenstone trading partner of Rupman Myre. Appears to have some kind of aberrant bloodline and so far has revealed little of the other Keepers.

Key assumptions/suspicions:

  • The keepers summoned creature that has managed to enter the world and is making a mess of Carrion Hill.
  • The creature will grow more powerful each time it kills one of its summoners.
  • Killing the summoners, or setting their spirits beyond the creatures reach, will deny the creature access to that spiritual energy.
  • Killing all of the summoners may have made it possible to banish the creature – but 2 of them may already be dead and this course of action may no longer be possible.
  • As Thundra summarised, ‘Kill the men – then kill the beastie’ is possibly the most obvious and ‘easiest’ course of action.

Mayor’s request
Track down the keepers and stop the beast. Explore other options than ‘killing’ the men first. But you do have his blessing to kill them if they have been as evil and foolish as it appears.
Attacks by the creature – marked on the map. No pattern has been ascertained as yet, but it showed up at the Vats not long after the group had left and Myre killed. The frequency of the attacks has been steady, possibly slowly increasing, it’s hard to tell. After the initial attack there were 2 when the men were underground, another overnight/early morning in the Filth – and then immediately after the men had left Rupman’s vats. They show no signs of slowly. Their random nature may be random, or could be a search.

PC Information Gathered

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