rules for character creation

Create Character using all availble source reference documentation rules

Happy to use most rules from Pathfinder Source Reference Documentation
(I reserve right to veto – e.g. Gunslingers with six-shooters don’t fit for me in Golarion and would be too unbalanced (not to mention don’t fit well from a roleplay perspective)

Generate Abilitiy Scores using ‘Heroic’

Ability scores should have (or will be) generated using Heroic option: 2d6+6.
(I’ve even been ULTRA generous and allowed you to have 3 sets of rolls to choose from. So you’re heros. Act like it and don’t bitch about it :P). If you haven’t done so yet use heroic, 3 times, following my roll the dice expectations.

Racial Trait swapping is approved

Happy to accept swapping of racial traits – but it better come through why in your back story ;) (see below)
e.g. Elves can optionally choose the ‘Woodcraft’ racial trait (bonus to Knowledge (nature) and survival), but in doing so lose ‘Elven Magic’ (bonus to spell DC and spellcraft)

Create 5th level characters.

Please create 5th level characters. I advise doing it a level at a time to ensure you get all the proper skill point/hit point/favoured class bonuses/feat dependencies correct. I will be double checking all the builds to make sure you have gimped yourself or over done it…

Calculate Hit points using die rolls

To calculate hit points please roll the dice using the following:
Full hit dice at level 1 + con bonus + other bonus (like favoured class 1hp).
Roll for your next 4 levels of hit points + con bonuses + other bonuses.
Add it all up – that’s you’re starting HP for Carrion Hill

2 Character traits Each

I will be allowing the choice of 2 character traits (equivalent to an extra ‘feat’).
Choose from SRD Traits or any other source you can find them that I agree to ;). Again this needs to resonate with your backstory or it won’t get up.

10,500 GP to spend on equipment (any way you want!)

Once you’ve created your character race/class/skills/feats/traits etc, you’ll need to equip yourself.
Assume you have 10,500 GP as per the standard rules.
Calculating costs for items may get tricky. Core rule book is the source of truth – but the SRD equipment pages have most of that pretty accurate. (If like me (Barrie) you were looking for magic armor/weapons in the equipment section, you should be instead looking at magic items)
You can try Venture Captain Character Creator as it autocalculates costs and deducts from your total (if you set yourself up as level 5 first!). However, Aaron and I have found a few bugs with it – so use with caution.

Level 5 examples

Write a compelling bio/backstory
Once you’re all decked out and bad ass we come to the important bit – Bio/Backstory/Personality.

I want this to be a real role-play game. I want you to put effort into writing creatively, learning the game world and acting a consistent and well thought out character. To assist with this here is some advice and expecatations I want you to read, consider and act upon.

Paint a picture of who your character is – but don’t tell us everything. Give yourself room to reveal any quirky/interesting stuff overtime as well.

I like 3rd person style – but pick what works easiest for you.

Try and have a catch phrase/motto that sums up your character well – you’ll see what I mean below in the examples.

Here are some good examples from an upcoming CRPG (computer role playing game) that I think are a good length and give good high level view of the characters

A human monk
Half-elf wild-Mage who loses control of her magic occasionally…
A half-orc who sold his soul for power…

Complete a personality profile (not optional)

Think about this hard and develop a personality you can role play well to depth to your character. Use this, Personality Profiles for Characters to flesh this out.
Create pdf’s and send to me (ask Matt for how he editted one). In fact here is his example: Cenek’s Background/Personality Profile

An Obsidian template for Personality Profile has been created by Barrie

rules for character creation

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